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“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”

Steve Jobs, Apple

Venture Management Team

Shay Cahill is acknowledged as a leading expert in the art and science of professional business networking. Venture is the place where he has crafted, developed and refined the best way in which to accelerate the growth of mutually beneficial professional relationships: accelerating opportunities to build trust, connections and better business results. For over twenty-five years Shay has been involved in many sectors within the corporate world, including finance, IT, telecoms and customer services.

Shay believes that the ultimate key to success in business is similar to planning an epic journey. The secret is to surround yourself with like-minded people who have the right attitude, skills and commitment to focus on a common interest, outcome or destination.

Outside of the world of business and networking, Shay is passionate about meeting his next challenge, whether it is maintaining peak fitness, exploring a new country or climbing the next mountain.

Whether it is business, travel or adventure, the triumph and pleasure is not just in the preparation for the journey, or advancing through the milestones to success, it is in the voyage itself.

The one certainty that Shay knows about both business ownership and adventure travel is that they can both be difficult, risky and lonely to attempt solo. We are more efficient, more effective and more likely to be successful with a well-prepared map, access to the appropriate skills & tools, and a strong reliable support team guiding you along the way to your summit.

The next challenge awaits.
Our management team is made up of longstanding members of our business community.


Shay Cahill

Founder / Director

Brendan Newe

Managing Director

Tony Dignam

Company Secretary / Non-Executive Director




Empowering the individual within a scaling business to step into successful leadership with confidence to deliver the exceptional.

Sharon Dehmel

The Intercultural Coach



Tom Shanahan is a business consultant who recently sold his Kendlebell franchise which he started and grew over a 17 year period. Tom is a Chartered Accountant and has business and marketing degrees.

Tom Shanahan




Marc of DTA Marketing assists companies develop their brand image, core messages and communication to existing and potential clients.

A Marketing Action Plan will be devised so the focus is on the key activities that will make a difference to your business and help you grow.

Marc Thornton

DTA Marketing



As a harmonious disruptor I quietly challenge traditional thinking. With a curious and human centred approach, I guide firefighting founders, CEOs and leaders towards their future of clarity to build trust with their audience, helping them to rewire for innovation and differentiation, through sustainable and human centred brand design. 

Barbara Monahan

Cube Design



Mark Brady of SQUARE INTEGRATED incorporates all elements of digital marketing, working with individuals, small companies, and large organisations across many industries. 

Mark Brady




Jason is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Total Plastic Solution.

With a passion for operational excellence and a relentless pursuit of growth, I am committed to driving innovation and creating lasting value for the company.

Jason McLaughlin




Barry and the Sales Transitions team are highly experienced sales performance specialists focused on supporting B2B companies achieve business growth.

Working closely with their customers to enable profitable high performance sales.

Their “4Performance Framework™” appraisal process identifies fractures that may exist within your sales organisation.

Barry Moylan

Sales Transitions



Having learned what coaching can bring to businesses I saw the opportunity to help business owners avoid what I used to do myself – working long hours, no plan, no goals to speak of!.

It’s a real thrill to implement the tried and tested ActionCOACH programme into businesses and see the owner start to get more out of life with clearer focus and an actual plan to reach their destination.

Tom O'Kelly

Action Coach


Claire Mason


Michelle Swords


David Park


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